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How to best market your lawn care company, and help build dense routes.

It's no secret that minimizing "windshield time" is the one key to higher profits. We would rather mow 10 lawns on one street, verses 10 lawns on 10 streets. So how do you do this? There isn't a magic formula, of course asking for referrals is important, but for now lets just focus on traditional marketing. Whether you are handing out flyers, door hangers, or doing EDDM postcards, the first thing to figure out is your budget.

For this example lets say you have the money to mail/distribute 6000 marketing pieces.

In my experience I've seen many(especially those using EDDM), throw all their eggs into one basket, and mail out 6000 postcards at once. This IS NOT the way to properly market, and it certainly won't build dense routes. You are FAR better off breaking up that 6000 into smaller groups, and mail 3000 twice, or i personally I think mail to 2000 three times.

Targeting the same people multiple times will...

- Yield higher response rates

- Build name recognition

- Build denser routes

You have to assume that every potential customer is different, there are some who like to plan ahead, and get all their ducks in a row early. Then you have the regular people who, are right on time, not early not late. Then you have people like myself that wait till the last minute. The more times you mail the more potential you have to get teh customers attention when THEY are thinking about the lawn.

For my own lawn care company(I don't mow, just fert/weed control), I mail out my EDDM cards about Mid Feb, Mid march and Mid April. This is not the only marketing i do, but everything I do, the goal is the same, try to get new customers close to existing customers. Hope this info helps, if you have more questions, please call, email or text me.


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