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Timing is everything! Well sorta!

Dozens of times each year I am asked the very same question. "When is the best time to mail out my postcards?" Although it's nearly an IMPOSSIBLE answer. I always give my best advice. Depending on where you live and the climate you're in, there is a "sweet spot" on when people are thinking about "lawn care," "mowing" or "springtime" in general. Your marketing should be focused around that "sweet spot." Now let me say, I don't feel you should put all your eggs in one basket and market everything at that date. I think there are generally 3 types of personalities to consider. You have the "over achiever" who thinks ahead of most. You have the "typical" type that thinks like most others do, then you have people like myself... the "procrastinator!" Studies show that multiple mailings(or whatever it is you do, such as door hangers, flyers, etc) will produce better results. Once you figure out your "sweet spot" that is the time I suggest your second mailing. Let's use a date of March 21st as a sweet spot. Mailing #1 could be around Feb 21-Feb 28th. The "over achiever" at that point is thinking..."spring is coming soon, I better get things scheduled." Mailing #2 (March 21st-ish) the "typical" customer is now feeling spring in the air, and speeding some time outdoors, and is in the perfect mindset for your marketing. Lastly we have the "procrastinator!" April 15th-12st rolls in, The weather is now warm, the lawn looks terrible, dandelions are popping up everywhere, he/she comes home from work or the store, and says "holy crap we better call someone!" You have to assume that not everyone is ready to buy, when you THINK they are ready to buy. This is why I kinda suggest 3 mailings in spring.

This is not to say that I think you should only be marketing only in the spring. Many say you should market 12 months a year, and in a perfect world you probably should. But most of us are not in that perfect world. We have budget restrictions that don't allow 12 month marketing. However, you should market more than just spring. Fall marketing, in some aspects, can be as good as spring. YOu may not get as many sales, but with core aeration/seeding, fall cleanups, snow removal, gutter cleaning, etc these are some larger ticket items, and a few good jobs could be very lucrative. Certainly this could be modified depending on you budget, Once again, as with anything, just like the fine print says on TV ads, "results vary," so use this info as you wish, and modify it for your budget and let us know your results. We are always learning

and looking to educate customers better.

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