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What's a good special offer for getting lawn care customers?

I often get asked “what is the best special offer to put on an door hangers or postcards?” That is a VERY difficult question to answer, since nobody knows your business and profit margins as well as you, the owner himself. However, here are some things to think about. Some people don’t want to put special offers in the advertisement at all, because they feel they are giving some of their revenue away. That may be true, but when your competitors are offering a discount, THEY will most likely get the customer, over YOU because you didn't give them a discount. Don’t get me wrong there is some customer loyalty in our business, however most homeowners go through the ads they receive and get the best deal. Remember, there aren't lines on Black Friday because people are waiting to pay full price!! So what to offer and how much… In my opinion you should offer the biggest discount you can afford. Personally I feel 10% OFF means nothing in this day and age, FREE is the way to go. People like free stuff regardless of what it is. So how about a free mowing? But why only one??? Why not 3 FREE MOWINGS!!? Do you know anyone else giving away 3 mowings per year? If you offered that why wouldn’t a homeowner call you instead of someone else? Remember this is an offer for NEW customers only.

Along with plan-it graphics, I also own a lawn care company. I don’t mow, I only fertilize, but I will now tell you my special offer for new customers. Keep in mind most of my clients only get 6 applications per year… I offer all new customers 2 FREE applications! Yes, they only get 6 per year and 2 are FREE!! I understand that if you mow 3 times for free, you are “wasting time” more often, but keep in mind your are mowing much more than 6 times a year!! It’s no fun giving stuff away but when you think of the life of the customer it will pay for itself multiple times over the next few years. With more people entering our industry everyday, you should do whatever you can to get customers before your competition does. Getting customers is the single hardest thing to do in our industry. Just about anyone can cut grass, spread fertilizer, plant a bush, or lay mulch. In fact homeowners do it routinely. You need to sway a customer to YOUR company and not someone else's, or even better make your offer and prices so the “do it yourselfer” sees it’s not worth his time and should hire you. Keep in mind… You don’t really own a lawn care company… You own a marketing company that happens to cut grass.

Ironically… As stated above I don’t like the “10% OFF” special offer, YET… giving away 3 FREE mowings, is essentially giving 10% OFF. Assuming you average 30 cuts per season, at $30 each. $900 TOTAL. 3 Free is $90. … 10% OFF. Yet… “3 FREE CUTS!!” sounds so much better than 10% Off, don’t you agree?

Below you will see an EDDM postcard that has 3 FREE MOWINGS. Look how it pops!!

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